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Welcome to our ring training blog. Here you will find a simple resource for useful, interesting, and up-to-date articles relating to ring training and health.

This site is aimed at those interested in ring training for fitness. Those who want to get fit, get strong, and get in the best shape of their life.

Ring Training Launch Elite Strength Trainer

Elite Rings retailer has launched a new product called the Elite Strength Trainer, pictured below:

These are equipment that will help you train for advanced ring training exercises like the iron cross or maltese. The strength trainer works by allowing you to adjust your bodyweight through ten different increments, building up to being able to perform the exercises without the help of the trainer.

As your strength increases you adjust the trainer so that more of your bodyweight is used during the exercise.

Exercises like the iron cross and maltese are notoriously difficult to achieve and are an impressive display of strength that few exercises can rival. The Elite Strength Trainer makes the moves more attainable by allowing your bodyweight to be an adjustable factor in the exercise.

We haven’t got our hands on one yet but when we do we will post our review on the Elite Strength Trainer. Initial feedback we’ve been hearing are that it’s comfortable to use, very easy to setup and adjust and overall a great product for anyone looking to add advanced ring training exercises into their routine.

The Elite Strength Trainer is available to buy now from