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A getting started ring training video including a montage of beginners exercise clips.

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Warm up and Preparation DVD

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The Warm-up and Preparation methods employed by the world�s top gymnasts ara a closely held secret. In this DVD, world champion Jordan Jovtchev and members of the US National Team share their warm-up routines. Head Coach of the 2004 Olympic silver medal winning team USA, Kevin Mazeika, talks you through his team�s warm-up.

These routines are very cleverly designed and seamlessly blend stretching and joint mobility protocols. The warm-ups are shown uninterrupted, so you can see the atual working pace and duration.

There are two distincly different routines, so you can mix and mix and match to your preference. From the hundreds of movements shown, you can design your own warm-up using your favorites.

Jordan also demonstrates elastic resistance exercises for preparing your joints for heavy loading, and a selection of exercises he uses for pre-strength. They are incredibly hard for most people, but are just a warm-up for him. It�s an amazing display of strength!

Learn how champion gymnasts prepare for their workouts and prevent injuries.
Summary Summary

- Learn how to safely and effectively warm-up for elite ring training.
- Demonstrated by US national team mermbers and Jordan Jovtchev
- Provides a quick and extended warm-up routine including joint mobility exercises.
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Product Details: Warm-up and Preparation DVD Featuring Jordan Jovtchev Product Details: Warm-up and Preparation DVD Featuring Jordan Jovtchev

Why we like it:

The Warm-up and Preparation DVD features world champion on Still Rings Jordan Jovtchev and various members of the US national team taking you through example warm-ups.

Many of the exercises will be too difficult for the layman but you will really find value in the DVD by adapting the examples to your own needs. This DVD will teach you the skills you need to ensure you are warming up safely and effectively so you can maximise your ring training routine.

Topics Covered:

  • Joint Mobility
  • Elastic Joint Preparation
  • Pre-Strength

Bonus Material Includes:

  • Additional Stretches
  • Wrist Prehab
The routine The routine

Example shots from the routine are shown below:

Jordan demonstrates the full pancake splits. His daily warm-up allows him to do this with ease.

Jordan's routine uses dynamic compound stretches.

Jordan's flexband routine preps his muscles for heavier loading later.

The movements are dynamic and cover all the key movements he does on rings.

Why Warm-up before working out? Why Warm-up before working out?

A proper warmup helps prevent injuries and prepares your body for the full routine. Performed correctly, a warmup or light streching will increase the efficiency of contracting muscles and limber up the body. Heart rate and blood circulation is increased and oxygen reserves to the muscles are maximised.

Gymnasts perform some of the toughest training around and require a carefully developed warm-up program. This DVD will show you the warm-up routine of Jordan Jovtchev, an olympic gymnast whose career spans four olympic cycles. Still competing at the age of 32, Jordan is still in great shape and doesn't require any taping on his joints. He has maintained this state through a meticulously detailed warm-up regimen performed before all his workouts. This video features over 100 different movements used by Jordan and the US national Team in their preparation.

Jordan Jovtchev Jordan Jovtchev

Jordan Jovtchev is a Bulgarian gymnast, a 2x World Champion on Still Rings with a career spanning over four olympic games.. On this DVD he demonstrates over 40 different exercises on the rings. He and former gymnastic team mate, Ivan Alexov, provide detailed commentary and training rings tips.

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