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A getting started ring training video including a montage of beginners exercise clips.

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  • Rafters \ Beams
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Using an Eye Bolt
  • Trees \ Park Equipment
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Ring Strength DVD

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The Ring Strength DVD features the 2x World Champion on Still Rings, Jordan Jovtchev. He is your instructor on this journey into the world of elite strength training. This is the first time that Jordan has revealed his training secrets!

This DVD features over 40 exercises in a carefully designed progression to accomodate every level of strength from beginner to advanced. Proper form is important, so learn from the best. Every exercise is demonstrated by Jorndan Jovtchev.

A guide to ring training with world champion Jordan Jovtchev.
Product Features: Ring Strength DVD Product Features: Ring Strength DVD
  • Over 40 example exercises
  • From beginner to advanced fitness
  • Demonstrated by Jordan Jovtchev
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Product Details: Ring Strength DVD Featuring Jordan Jovtchev Product Details: Ring Strength DVD Featuring Jordan Jovtchev

Why we like the Ring Strength DVD:

The Ring Strength DVD is an excellent guide to ring training. With over 40 ring based exercises demonstrated by a world champion on Still Rings Jordan Jovtchev, this DVD is great for viewers of all levels of fitness.

Bonus Materials:

Jordan&s gold medal winning routines from the 2003 World Championships in Anaheim,California.

The Ring Strength Exercises The Ring Strength Exercises

Exercises Demonstrated:

  • Pull-ups
  • Dips
  • Rows
  • Levers
  • L-sits
  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Gymnastics Pushups

And many more...

The Ring Dip is one powerful exercise you will learn on this DVD which primarily targets the Tripceps and Deltoid muscles.

The Ring Flys is a challenging chest exercise greatly enhanced by the rings. Jordan presents a series of exercises to build up to this advanced variation.

The front lever is a challenging core exercise. Jordan has a detailed sequence of exercises to help you develop the strength to hold that position. Some of the exercises are very unique!

Nothing holds people in awe quite like the Iron Cross. If you want to impress your friends with this radical strength feat, Jordan can help. He has several build-up exercises and very important tips on proper form.

Jordan Jovtchev Jordan Jovtchev

Jordan Jovtchev is a Bulgarian gymnast, a 2x World Champion on Still Rings with a career spanning over four olympic games.. On this DVD he demonstrates over 40 different exercises on the rings. He and former gymnastic team mate, Ivan Alexov, provide detailed commentary and training rings tips.

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Title: A nice introduction to ring training
Author: Rob Fraser

I think this DVD is a nice introduction to anyone wanting to learn how to ring train. I primarily use the rings to develop my core, and found the core drills section of the DVD interesting. Although many of the moves were a little beyond my abilities just now!
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