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Ring Training Video Guide

A getting started ring training video including a montage of beginners exercise clips.

Ring Training Facts
Train Anywhere
  • Rafters \ Beams
  • Pull-up Bar
  • Using an Eye Bolt
  • Trees \ Park Equipment
Cast of movie 300 trained with Elite Gymnastics Rings
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Ring Support Position Ring Support Position

A demonstration of the ring training support position. It might seem like there's not a lot going on in this video, and that would be right! The support position is the most basic of ring training exercises, which involves you simply suspending yourself from the ground above the rings, and maintaining the hold for as long as possible.

It might look easy, but to a ring training beginner you will probably be surprised at how difficult it actually is. It's definitely a good choice for people new to ring training and it's crucial that the support hold is mastered before progressing to the more difficult exercises.

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